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Bhagat Singh Quotes- So today we are sharing a article on one of the bravest Soldier that our nation ever had. His name is Shaheed Bhagat Singh. He was born on 28 september 1907 in Banga,Western Punjab.

He completed his early education from a local village school till class 5th and then he went to DAV college managing committee in the year 1916.

He was an Indian socialist revolutionary and he become heroes for his two acts of dramatic violence against the British in India and his execution at the age of 23.

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So in this article, we are going to share some of the quotes of Bhagat Singh that will guide you towards a positive attitude in your life. we are going to share Bhagat Singh Quotes in english and his popular sayings that will give you inspiration and will ignite patriotism within you.

Inspirational and Motivational Shaheed Bhagat Singh Quotes

Bhagat Singh Quotes
Bhagat Singh Quotes

Bhagat Singh was a legend. He said many things in his life that is very powerful. He is also the reason for the freedom of our country. Famous shaheed Bhagat Singh Quotes that will guide you forward in your life. We are going to talk about inspirational and motivational Bhagat singh sayings and his famous quotes . One of the famous quotes of Bhagat Singh is:-

Bhagat Singh Quotes
bhagat singh motivational quotes with images

Life is lived on its own, Others shoulders are used only at the time of funeral. –Bhagat Singh

One is responsible for his life style. We can’t blame others for the kind of lifestyle we are living. As we perform our own actions and we can’t depend on others till we are alive. The only influence of other people in our life is to lift our dead body and nothing else. So one must live a independent life

Bhagat Singh Quotes for Kids in English

Bhagat singh was a revolutionary man who fought bravely for his country and even sacrifice his life for the freedom of his country. He also inspires the kids to love their nation and be ready to sacrifice anything for their nation or anything we love. As one of his powerful famous quote is:-

bhagat singh quotes
quotes of bhagat singh for kids with images

Lovers, Lunatics and poets are made of same stuff. –Bhagat Singh

This is clear that the same material is used in the making of lovers lunatics and poets as they all are ready to sacrifice anything for the things they love the most. No matters its a nation or a person or their art they are ever ready for the sacrifce.

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Bhagat Singh quotes
Bhagat Singh Sayings in English with images

In times of great necessity, violence is indispensable. –Bhagat Singh

We should remain silent until there is a need of breaking our silence. If we see that this thing is getting too much than we need to break our silence and if there is a need of violence we should do that too because some things can be achieved only with violence and there are some people who don’t understand non violence and pay no attention to us until we do violence with them.

Bhagat Singh Famous Quotes in English

We are also going to talk about the Famous quotes of Bhagat Singh that are very popular and will lit a fire of patriotism within you. He fought for the freedom of his country. His one of famous quote is :-

Bhagat Singh Quotes
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Bombs and pistols don’t make a revolution. The sword of revolution is sharpened on the whetting stone of ideas. –Bhagat Singh

He believes that for starting a revolution we only need to have bravery and ideas as bombs and pistols doesn’t start a revolution until and unless we have ideas in our head to start the revolution and bravery in our hearts to execute the ideas.

bhagat singh quotes
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Merciless criticism and independent thinking are the two necessary traits of revolutionary thinking. –Bhagat Singh

He believes that the two main things required for starting a revolution is cruelty and the independent thinking. As one starts becoming cruel to the other and if the other person have independent thinking than nobody can stop the revolution. If there is cruelty and independent thinking then there are all the possible chances of begining a revolution.

bhagat singh quotes
inspirational quotes of bhagat singh

But man’s duty is to try and endeavour, success depends upon chance and environments. –Bhagat Singh

A man should try his best to achieve his goals. Success is a kind of thing that comes to us only if we keep trying. Success isn’t a thing that is easily achievable or comes to us evertime. We should keep trying to achieve our goals unless and until we succeed its chances depends upon the environment. So a man’s duty is to keep trying to reach his goals.

bhagat singh quotes
bhagat singh motivational quotes

I am a man and all that affects mankind concerns me. –Bhagat Singh

We all are human and we all should maintain humanity within us. If anyone is cruel to someone we should always raise our voice to the cruelty. We all are humans and we should learn from this quote of Bhagat Singh that we should always help other people and raise our voice against injustice.

bhagat singh quotes
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Philosophy is the outcome of human weakness or limitation of knowledge. –Bhagat Singh

Philosophy is something which is useless. A person usually does philosophy when he doesn’t have proper knowledge about some topic. In that case, person starts delievering philosophy. So we must gain proper knowledge and doesn’t do philosophy in front of others to show our weakness as philosophy is considered as the human weakness

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Final Words:

No doubt Bhagat Singh was a legend. Bhagat Singh sayings teaches us how to achieve something that belongs to us. A case was filed against Bhagat Singh and his other two friends named Rajguru and Sukhdev after these two allegedly killed the British officer John P Saunders and were sentenced to death.

Bhagat Singh and his friends were hanged to death on 23 march 1931.Legend like Bhagat Singh left this world at the age of 23 which is heartbreaking for us. Every year 23rd march is observed as Bhagat Singh’s Martyrdom Day.

Bhagat Singh Famous Slogan (Dialouge) “Inquilab zindabad” will forever be at a special place in our heart.

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