🔥 10 Most Inspiring Harvey Specter Quotes and Sayings Of All Time

Harvey Specter Quotes– Today, we are going to discuss about one of the greatest character in the USA Network series “SUITS” that had a great impact. The name of this character is Harvey Reginald Specter.

This character was played by Gabriel Swann Macht who was born on January 22,1972. In this series, Harvey specter was a Corporate lawyer at Pearson Hardman and New York city’s best closer.

Harvey Specter used to live a luxourious life as he was rich and earn in six digits so he lives his life according to his wishes.

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So in this article we are gonna deliver best Harvey specter quotes that you will find very useful in day to day life and will also give to motivation to work hard in your life.

We are going to cover his motivational quotes and the thoughts he shared about love, and We are also going to share Harvey Specter loyality quotes to provide a great vision towards life.

Top 10 Harvey Specter Motivational Quotes And Sayings

Harvey Specter Quotes
Harvey Specter Quotes and sayings

So we are going to talk about motivational harvey specter quotes of all time that will motivate you forever. Harvey Spector was really a fictional character that could motivate you. The quotes delivered by this character in suit series was really motivational. As one of his quote is:-

Harvey Specter Quotes
Harvey Specter Motivational Quotes with quotes

Tell me i can’t and I will embarrass you.

Don’t be a puppet to someone. Always listen and follow what your heart says and ignore the haters. If someone says,”you will not be able to do it” just smile and don’t say anything. Reply these haters with your work and make it possible it will be the biggest reply to them.

Harvey Specter Quotes
Harvey Specter Motivational Quotes

Everyday is a hustle! Do I get Tired…Yes, Do I give up…No.

We are dealing with alot of struggle in today’s life.Everybody gets tired but the person who never gives up will be on the top at the end of the day. We should never give up even though we are feeling alot tired because not giving up on your dreams is the ony key to success.

Harvey Specter Quotes
Harvey Specter Quotes for Motivation

Work untill, you no longer have to introduce yourself.

Your actions talks louder than your words. Actions tells person’s real character. So work hard. Work harder untill you no longer have to introduce yourself to the world. When you feel there is no need to introduce yourself to the world it there when you have reached your goal.

Harvey Spector Quotes on Love

Love is the most beautiful emotion in the world but we are continuosly losing love in today’s life. The most beautiful quote said by Harvey Specter on love is:-

Harvey Spector Quotes
Love Harvey Spector Quotes with images

If you like someone, Tell them before someone else does.

Do it now instead of later. We should never be depend on future. If we want something we should start working for it now same as in the case of love. If we like someone we should tell him/her before its too late or before someone else gets what we deserve. So make right decisions at the right time.

Harvey Spector Quotes
Harvey Spector Quotes on Love with images

The most attractive thing a man can do, is exactly what he says he’s going to do.

A man should always keep his words to his lover. The most precious thing a man can gift his lover is his words and the promises he made to her. So work hard to make that promises true and lead a successful and happy life.

Harvey Specter Loyalty Quotes

Harvey Specter Quotes
Harvey Specter Loyalty Quotes with images

Loyality is the two way street, If I am asking for it from you, Then you are getting it from me.

Loyality isn’t something you expect only. If you want someone’s loyality than you should also remain loyal to them. Its not like that you are not being loyal to someone and expecting their loyality. Loyality is like a two way,you only expect it when you give them your loyality first.

Harvey Specter Quotes
Loyalty Harvey Specter Quotes with images

Don’t raise your voice, Improve your argument.

A person should keep on improving himself. He should keep working on his skills. We don’t need to raise our voice in the argument if our way of replying is enough. So don’t raise your voice reply them with your work.

Harvey Specter Quotes
Loyality Harvey Specter Quotes with images

Win a no win situation by rewritting the rules.

In case we see a situation where we are getting failed we should never loose hope. We can also win a no win situation if we use our mind properly. Mind is the most powerful thing in the whole universe. So in case of no win situation use your mind and turn the table.

Harvey Specter Quotes
loyality Harvey Specter Quotes Pictures

I don’t have dreams, I have goals.

Dreams are the things which we see while our eyes closed. Dreams never comes true. The things we wanna achieve in our lives must be known as goals. So instead of calling them dreams call them your goals and do everything possible to achieve your goals.

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Harvey Specter Quotes
Harvey Specter Quotes With Images

The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary.

If you think success is the thing that will come to you without even working than you are absolutely wrong. In only one case success comes before work and thats too in dictionary not in real life. If you wanna be successful than work harder and harder untill you get what you want.

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Final Words:
The above quotes told by Harvey Specter teaches us alot in our day to day life and motivates us to work hard in our life to achieve our goals. This character from the series suits gives us alot of teachings from season 1 to season 9 and will always hold a special place in our hearts .

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